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Arts Chorale honors veterans’ service

The Winchester Star - 4/25/2018

Arts Chorale honors veterans’ service

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. This past weekend, the Arts Chorale of Winchester performed two concerts honoring those who served in this war.

More than 50 Korean War veterans and family members from the Winchester area attended the Sunday afternoon performance at Grace Lutheran Church. The event was very emotional. Many were justifiably moved to tears. For all involved, the entire musical experience was extraordinary.

I would like to personally thank everyone (especially the veterans) for their support of this special concert. And for my Arts Chorale singers, who worked diligently to perfect this program, I send heartfelt thanks to you all.

Far too often, we lose sight of the past as we are so intent on the future. How wonderful it was last weekend to remember the past in a powerful way through the universal language of music.

Michael Main

Founding Artistic Director

The Arts Chorale of Winchester

May 1: A chance to correct mistakes

On Tuesday, May 1, Berryville voters will have the opportunity to begin correcting the mistakes of the 2016 town elections. During those elections, voters elected inexperienced candidates who knew little if anything about the town’s policies and procedures, or the Comprehensive Plan guiding those policies and procedures. Voters succumbed to half-truths and hollow promises.

Jay Arnold is a Berryville native and a man of integrity who has served the town for many years, both in community service and government. He continues to put the town’s interests above his own and does not let his ego affect his decision-making.

Diane Harrison and Kara Rodriguez also have shown an understanding of the town’s history and an understanding of what it takes to protect us from the encroachment of policies similar to those found east of the mountain.

The alternative includes a developer who came here 30 years ago to “Loudoun-ize” Clarke County, but has been held in check for the most part, in spite of continuing to threaten and fight the county and town every step of the way. One cannot help but question his motives for entering this election.

The other candidate is a newcomer from Loudoun County and previously other points even further east, who has been in Berryville less than a year and shows a lack of understanding of why some things are the way they are — water/sewer rates, for example — and what is and is not within the town’s control, such as dictating specific business growth or restricting traffic on U.S. 340.

Let’s not make the same mistake as May 2016. Vote for Jay Arnold, Diane Harrison, and Kara Rodriguez.

Richard & Ann Phillips


Foley will put town on the right track

I have known Chris Foley since I was around 7 years old. Growing up, Chris and I played sports and had many mutual friends who used to hang out together.

I have been a resident of Berryville for more than 5 years. I ran into Chris last summer when I saw him coming out of the Berryville post office. Since then, we have caught up on our lives. He hasn’t changed a bit, still the nice thoughtful guy he was back when we were young. It doesn’t surprise me that he is running for Town Council as he was captain of the football team back in the day.

Based on what he has accomplished over the years, I am in full support of Chris because of his experience in the development and building industry and his education in landscape architecture. I honestly know that he will put Berryville on the right track and have all the trust in him to serve with integrity.

Glenn Skillman



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