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LETTER Removing the "United" from the United States

Observer-Reporter - 1/28/2018

The latest federal government shutdown could have proven to be a valuable lesson to a dim American populace. If all the services provided by our federal government were to be delayed until a new budget is implemented, only then would Americans awaken to what their tax dollars really pay for.

All federal law enforcement agencies would close. The Treasury Department and the IRS would stop collecting taxes and paying the bills. All national parks would close, as would airports and military bases. And yes, there would be no Social Security checks, no Medicare, no Medicaid, no Veterans Administration. No oversight whatsoever. Businesses could pollute or poison with impunity.

And most states, particularly those that vote conservative, would have to shut down most government services as well, as they would no longer have access to the federal tax money that keeps them afloat.

Now imagine this scenario playing out for weeks or months. Then, and only then, would most Americans awaken to what our government truly does and what our tax dollars pay for.

The Trump administration and Republican Party are rushing to destroy or make impotent nearly every federal service. This is the opportunity they have waited for since the dark days of Richard Nixon. Their end goal is simple: remove the "United" from the United States of America.

Brian Rothermund



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