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A search for Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA) returned 9 bill(s)

AB 1061 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
Victim's restitution.
02/01/2018 - From committee: Filed with the Chief Clerk pursuant to Joint Rule 56.
Sections 13952, 13953, 13955, 13957, 13957.2, 13957.5, and 13957.9 of the Government Code, and to amend Sections 1203.1 and 2900.5 of the Penal Code, and making an appropriation therefor, relating to victim's restitution. ...
AB 1193 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
Property tax: welfare exemption: low-income housing.
10/13/2017 - Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 756, Statutes of 2017.
Section 214 of, and to add Section 259.15 to, the Revenue and Taxation Code, relating to taxation, to take effect immediately, tax levy. ...
AB 1637 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
City of San Diego: County of Santa Clara: housing authority: middle-income housing projects.
10/14/2017 - Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 801, Statutes of 2017.
An act to add and repeal Article 4.5 (commencing with Section 34340) of Chapter 1 of Part 2 of Division 24 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to housing. ...
AB 2894 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
Postsecondary education: students called to active military duty during an academic term.
05/17/2018 - Read second time. Ordered to Consent Calendar.
An act to add Chapter 2.7 (commencing with Section 99130) to Part 65 of Division 14 of Title 3 of the Education Code, relating to postsecondary education. ...
AB 2949 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
Pupil residency: pupils of military families.
05/17/2018 - Referred to Coms. on ED. and V.A.
An act to add Section 48204.6 to the Education Code, relating to pupil residency. ...
AB 3131 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
Law enforcement agencies: military equipment: funding, acquisition, and use.
04/25/2018 - From committee: Do pass and re-refer to Com. on APPR. (Ayes 5. Noes 2.) (April 24). Re-referred to Com. on APPR.
An act relating to public safety. to add Chapter 12.8 (commencing with Section 7070) to Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code, relating to military equipment. ...
ACR 104 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
Filipino American History Month.
09/20/2017 - Chaptered by Secretary of State - Res. Chapter 165, Statutes of 2017.
Relative to Filipino American History Month. ...
ACR 110 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
City of San Diego's Naval Training Station.
02/14/2018 - Re-referred to Com. on T. & H.
Relative to the Naval Training Station in the City of San Diego. ...
AJR 6 - Asm. Todd Gloria (DEM-CA)
United States Postal Service.
09/12/2017 - Chaptered by Secretary of State - Res. Chapter 150, Statutes of 2017.
Relative to the United States Postal Service. ...

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