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A search for Asm. Marc Berman (DEM-CA) returned 5 bill(s)

AB 2425 - Asm. Marc Berman (DEM-CA)
Property taxation: property records: transmission by mail or electronic format.
05/10/2018 - In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
An act to amend Sections 441 408, 441, and 470 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, relating to taxation. ...
AB 2607 - Asm. Marc Berman (DEM-CA)
Veterans: Medical Foster Home Pilot Program.
04/18/2018 - In committee: Set, first hearing. Referred to APPR. suspense file.
An act to add and repeal Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 1850) of Division 8 of the Military and Veterans Code, relating to veterans. ...
AB 3217 - Asm. Marc Berman (DEM-CA)
Legal services: advertising.
05/17/2018 - In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.
An act to add Sections 17539.7 and 17539.8 to the Business and Professions Code, amend Section 1770 of the Civil Code, relating to advertising. ...
AB 733 - Asm. Marc Berman (DEM-CA)
Enhanced infrastructure financing districts: projects: climate change.
10/11/2017 - Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 657, Statutes of 2017.
An act to amend Sections 53398.50 and 53398.52 of the Government Code, relating to local government. ...
AB 976 - Asm. Marc Berman (DEM-CA)
Electronic filing and service.
09/27/2017 - Chaptered by Secretary of State - Chapter 319, Statutes of 2017.
Section 1013b to, the Code of Civil Procedure, to add Section 690.5 to the Penal Code, to amend Sections 331, 366, 453, 711, 715, 732, 733, 1050, 1209, 1212, 1213, 1214, 1215, 1217, 1220, 1250, 1252, 1460, 1461, 1461.4, 1461.5, 1511, 1513.2, 1516, 15...

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