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DIY The EyeWriter 2.0

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The Eyewriter 2.0 is a low-cost eye-tracking apparatus and custom software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis as a result of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)  to draw using only their eyes.


Technical Specifications: 
  • Step 1: Overview
    • First, you will be making LED illuminators for the sides of the screen and the center. Second, you will be hacking the PS3 eye camera to get the vertical sync (when the frame of video is being taken) and to make it sensitive to IR. Third, you will be programming and building the Arduino / circuit to control the blinking. Finally, you will set the base for the system and go through the basics of the software.
  • Step 2:  Parts List
    • Camera PS3Eye Amazon $32.00
    • M12 LENS Board Lens (25 mm) surveillance-video
    • M12 LENS holder cmt-107 optics-online
    • IR Filter LEE FILTERS 87 100mm x 100mm B&H (or others)
    • IR LED HSDL-4220 (516-1261-ND) Digikey
    • MOSFET IRL3714ZPBF (IRL3714ZPBF-ND) Digikey
    • Regulator MC7805ABTG(MC7805ABTGOS-ND) Digikey
    • Resistor 3.0OHM 1W ERX-1SJ3R0 (P3.0W-1BK-ND) Digikey
    • Resistor 120OHM 1/4W ERD-S2TJ121V (P120BACT-ND) Digikey
    • Resistor 1kOHM 1/4W ERD-S2TJ102V (P1.0KBACT-ND) Digikey
    • Power Adaptor 7.5V SPU10-103(7.5V, SPU1010375255595-ND) Digikey
    • Transistor 2N2222 RadioShack
    • Potentiometer Rheostat (25Ohm - 3W) RadioShack
    • Arduino - SparkFun
    • Male pin for Arduino female pin Break Away Headers - Straight SparkFun
    • Visible LED Red LED SparkFun
    • USB Cable for Arduino - SparkFun
    • BreadBoard - SparkFun $5.95
    • Round PCB Kit (5-Pack) - RadioShack
    • Wire - RadioShack
    • Wire(30 Gauge for VSYNC) - RadioShack
    • Solder - thin solder is better.
    • Soldering Iron
    • Drill Press
    • Scissors
    • Screw Driver
    • Please refer to website for detailed instructions.
  • Step 3: Software - OpenFrameworks & EyeWriter
  • Step 4: Software - Camera & Arduino
  • Step 5:  Load Arduino sketch
  • Step 6:  Hardware: Power Adapter
  • Step 7: Hardware: Infrared LED's
  • Step 8: Hacking the PS Eye camera - preparing
  • Step 9: Hacking the PS Eye camera - VSync
  • Step 10: Hacking the PS Eye camera - finishing
  • Step 11: Full Circuit
  • Step 12: Building a wood base
  • Step 13: Using EyeWriter Software - Setup & Tracking Screen
  • Step 14: Using EyeWriter Software - Calibration Screen
  • Step 15: Using EyeWriter Software - Catch Me
  • Step 16: Using EyeWriter Software - Drawing
  • Step 17: Using EyeWriter Software - Typing
  • Step 18: Using EyeWriter Software – Pong

Author:  thesystemis. Visit for full instructions.


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DIY The EyeWriter 2.0